We are committed to providing amazing product value and quality, customer satisfaction above all else.

With a long corporate philosophy of service, quality, innovation, and constantly improving service system, PACO® aims to develop products with the best value, functith excellent service before and after sales.

We strive to continually update our product line with the latest product offering better performance and ever improving quality at a fair price. You can have full confidence that we will meet your requests and fulfill your bicycling product requirements in a professional manner.

We are bicyclists ourselves so we know the fun, excitement as well as the challenges facing the average bicyclist, and our products reflect this fact: functional, high performance and excellent no-nonsense quality.

We are continually upgrading our product line. expect our product line and sales program to become significantly better both in quality and quantity every year.

One of the biggest things you will notice when you work with us is that we treat our customers more than just a dumping ground for our products. we are not merely selling products but more importantly, we are promoting the sports of cycling. to achieve this mission we treat our customers as valued partners.

We value your feedback. if you need something whch you did not find in our extensive product line, simply let us know and we will do our best to answer your requests.